Male Extra Compared To VigRX For Men – An Honest Comparison

Male Extra Compared To VigRX For Men – To Know The Better Choice

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secret solutionWhen men start to age their sexual health starts to decline naturally. A few unfortunate men suffer from sexual issues in a young age itself. Men of all ages are very concerned about their sexual health, the size of their penis and sexual performance etc.

Everyone wants to get rid of erection difficulties and other problems related to sex. Most men are reluctant to use prescription pills because of the risk of side effects. They want to go for safe ways to get extra hard erection.

That is the reason why natural sex pill that really work are in great demand. Male Extra and VigRX are most talked about natural male enhancers. Which is a better choice? Male Extra compared to VigRX for men will answer the question.

What is the difference between VigRX and Male Extra pills for men?

  1. What are the ingredients?

It is the ingredients that determine the success or failure of a natural product. It is very important to compare the ingredients while comparing two products.

Male Extra compared to VigRX for men – Ingredients

VigRX Ingredients

It contains natural ingredients extracted from herbs and plants. The ingredients include

  • Korean ginseng – It increases testosterone level and sperm production.
  • Saw Palmetto – It improves the reproductive health in men and improves the health of the prostate.
  • Ginkgo biloba – It ensures longer and larger erection.
  • Cuscuta – It is effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Hawthorn berry – It stimulates better erections.
  • Catuaba – It stimulates sexual desire.

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Male Extra ingredients

The main ingredients of Male Extra are completely different from the ingredients of VigRX. There are no common ingredients. The ingredients in Male Extra include

  • L-Arginine – It ensures solid erections.
  • MSM – It promotes new cell growth in penis that have the capacity to hold more blood.
  • Pomegranate – Pure pomegranate extract in Male Extra has 40% ellagic acid that ensures better as well as bigger erections.
  • L-Methionine – This amino acid assures that you will not have quick ejaculations any more. Your climaxes will be delayed and will be better.
  • Zinc – Lower levels of zinc result in lower levels of testosterone. Zinc helps in boosting testosterone level.
  • Cordyceps – It works better than placebo to boost sex drive.

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  1. Does VigRX work better than Male Extra?

vigrx plus pillsMale Extra works by increasing testosterone, increasing nitric oxide, decreasing histamine, increasing energy, increasing new cells and inducing brain.

VigRX works by increasing blood flow, stimulating the heart to open arteries, increasing testosterone, increasing blood and oxygen supply to corpora cavernosa, preventing testosterone from getting converted into dihydrotestosterone and by increasing desire.

Both of them work but differently. The fact that they both really work is proven by real Male Extra user reviews and real VigRX user reviews.

  1. Is VigRX safer than Male Extra?

Male Extra compared to VigRX for men – Safety

What are the bad side effects of Male Extra pills for men? According to the reviews on Male Extra and manufacturers claims there are no bad negative effects.

What are the bad side effects of VigRX? The studies conducted in labs to ensure the safety of the product reveal that there are no bad effects of VigRX.

  1. Is VigRX easier to use than Male Extra?

maleextra sampleThey are in the form of pills. They are for oral use and not injectable or topical use. The usage is the same except for the dosage. It is three pills per day for Male Extra and two pills per day for VigRX for men.

  1. Is it easier to buy Male Extra than VigRX male enhancer supplements?

Both natural hard on pills are not sold in super markets and malls. They are exclusively sold online. They are sold by retailers as well as the manufacturers. The best option is to buy from the manufacturers because they offer money back guarantee and discounts.

  1. Is VigRX cheaper than Male Extra?

Yes, it is cheaper than Male Extra. It is cheaper by $5. The cost of Male Extra for a bottle is $64.95. VigRX is $5 cheaper at $59.95.

  1. Is VigRX sold with bonus gifts?

No, it is not. Male Extra is sold with bonus gifts. You get Proerection topical gel absolutely free when you buy three or four containers of Male Extra.

  1. Is VigRx recommended than Male Extra?

Both VigRX and Male Extra natural hard on pills have unique features, pros and cons. They do yield positive results to enhance male sex safely. Both of them are recommended.

Male Extra compared to VigRx for men – Which is a better choice?

Male Extra and VigRX are worth buying. They will surely help in enhancing male sex and in increasing male performance. If you are interested in improving your sexual energy, sexual libido and sexual desire you can try both the products.

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Male Extra compared to VigRX for men - Looking for natural sex pill that really work? Read this Male Extra vs Vig RX supplements for men review article! Safe ways to get extra HARD erection, increase penis size, get rid of erectile dysfunction and more

Male Extra compared to VigRX for men

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